Painted Turtle - Chrysemys picta
Four distinctive subspecies exist, all cleverly divided geographically. Western, Eastern, Southern and Midland. Like most turtles, full-spectrum lighting or natural sunlight is an essential. Some rocks and a nice swimming area to cool off in may also be nice after all those grueling hours spent basking. They are generally pretty easily cared for, as they'll eat practically anything from small fish and earthworms to crickets, leaf lettuce and dry foods.)

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GULF COAST BOX TURTLE - Terrapene carolina major
A great yard pet that will close its shell up into a box when alarmed. One of the largest of the box turtles, the Gulf Coast Box Turtle is a hearty omnivorous species that's not particularly finicky when it comes to mealtime. Most will happily indulge in earthworms, crickets, fruit & vegetables.

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RED EARRED SLIDER - Chrysemys scripta Elegans
Cute inhabitants of wet, humid areas, Red-earred Sliders like to bask, swim and eat. They need full-spectrum lighing or natural sunlight and though somewhat skittish, are always happy to see you come mealtime. Their food of choice? Earthworms, fish, water plants, leaf lettuce, mice, veggies ... you name it!

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These fascinating turtles come fully equipped with a hinged shell, allowing them a wider range of movement than your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill non-hingeback turtles. What they do have in common with their fellow turtles and tortoises is a healthy, hearty appetite. They LOVE apples but would be more than happy to eat other fruits, as well as vegetables, earthworms, cat and dog food, etc. Vitamins are highly recommended.