220-Gallon Tank


180-gallon bow front aquarium


300-Gallon Reef Tank


500-Gallon Arch Tank

This attractive 500-gallon arch tank is 10 feet tall, and feature artificial corals that are 42" tall x 24" x 18". You can walk right under and be surrounded by this elegant display!




Aquariums and Water Wall

These wonderful aquariums and stunning fountain water-wall are located throughout a new restaurant and lounge in the Akron area and are Aquatic Interiors - Seacave's spectacular additions to the decor!




220-Gallon Octagon
Desk Side

This elegant through-the-wall tank is viewable from the front office, and from the desk in the back office. Specs: 72 x 26 x 30, 220-gallon octagon


Remote Filtration System

A remote filtration system can be placed in a different room. This system is 20 feet below and 100 feet away from the 500-gallon aquarium.

90-Gallon Aquarium Above Fireplace

All eyes will be on this innovative and attractive aquarium that is nestled above the fireplace. This combines two of the most desired forms of relaxation in one dramatically designed area.

Custom to Match Office Desk

This custom aquarium was designed using red oak to match the office desk.

350-Gallon Custom Curved Aquarium

This dove gray curved reef aquarium is built to fit around the back of an L-shaped leather couch. It includes a state-of-the-art 80-gallon mud filter. 96 x 26 x 24



130-Gallon Freshwater

This is a 130-gallon freshwater with a complimenting planting of green surrounding cherry can



270-Gallon with Ecosystem

A new Ecosystem mud filter with remote filtration and state-of-the-art lighting are featured in this 270-gallon system dividing dual facing office suites. The Ecosystem mud filter with remote filtration. This 270- gallon system is housed in a wall dividing two office suites. This has all three types of state of the art lighting......VHO, Metal Halite, and Dual compacts. 




70- Gallon with Modern Oak Cabinet

Here is a 70-gallon tank with a modern oak canopy and cabinet base with custom VHO lighting and a hidden dry-wet filter. It blends beautifully with the warm natural oak flooring in this room.



70-Gallon with Hidden Filter System

This ultra-modern 70-gallon half cylinder acrylic has a custom-hinged lid with compact lighting and dry-wet filter hidden away by removable facing.



Healthy Tank


Here is a fine example of how the inside of a healthy tank should look. Note how there is no accumulation of algae or slime on the sides of the tank. The fish is active and vibrant, his color translucent. The coral around him is all living organisms helping to maintain the proper chemical balance in the tank and creating a symbiotic micro-environment in which all organisms may thrive.

Fish Pictured: False Clown Anemonefish, Amphiprion Ocellaris, 8 cm. W. Pacifica.

300-Gallon Through-the-Wall

Take a look at this stunning example of a recessed through-the-wall tank that gracefully compliments the serene beauty of this room. 96 x 24 x 26



84-Gallon Acrylic

This is a fine example of a custom-built 84-gallon quarter cylinder tank. The extra tall stand sports a removable front for service of filtration components. The cabinet is a powder gray acrylic.  Custom quarter cylinder, 27x27x26, 84 gallons, powder gray acrylic.




whitetankThis straight-forward look emphasizes the tank in its own right. Spackle gray, 48 x 18 x 13, 55 gallons.

Aquarium as Furniture


This is a beautiful example of how to make a tank work well with existing furniture. This cabinet has storage above and below the tank.

50-Gallon Hexagon

hexagonAdding interest to this room is a hexagonal tank with a sturdy oak cabinet.

44-Gallon Pentagonal

44galtankA classic pentagonal tank brightens this corner. Oak cabinet, 44 gallons, pentagon.

600-Gallon Fresh & Saltwater Tank

21_tank2T21_tank1he custom-designed fresh & saltwater tank reflects the elegant decor of this stylish Chinese restaurant. Two aquariums built in to One! This 600-gallon tank hold both fresh and saltwater fish! 192 x 24 x 29 - with a custom base and canopy.

150-Gallon Hexagon

sidea sideb

This through-the-wall installation allows viewing from both sides. Flat Back, Hexagon, 72 x 20 x 24, 150-Gallon. It's as amazing on the backside as it is on the front!

72-Gallon Eurostyle

liber1Sporting a deep-grained oak bow base, this 72-gallon Eurostyle tank with its beautifully arranged coral and shells livens up this area of the room! 48 x 18 x 22

Custom 200-Gallon Hex

foder6This custom 200-gallon Flatback Hex sports a custom-made canopy and base. The aquarium exactly matches the furniture and woodwork of the room which gives the equipment an even more custom look and an understated elegance.

Standard 55-Gallon


We can create a tank to your specifications and designed for your needs. Color, size and shape can be selected to coordinate with any office environment. Standard 55-gallon aquarium, 48x2x13. This unusual tank has a PAY PHONE built into the rear! Who says a fish tank can't be utilitarian?

220-Gallon Custom


Here is an attractive tank in a local Chinese restaurant. Saltwater custom design, Asian pattern, 220 gallons.

2300 Gallons

This is a close-up of the cylindrical tank that once was located at the McDonald's on Merriman Rd in the valley near Akron, OH. Its specs are: 8 Foot Cylinder, 5 feet deep, 2300 Gallons, 14 TONS!!!

Aquarium as Room Divider


Here is a tank which functions are a room divider. It becomes the focal point of the room, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Solid Oak Cabinet

oakThis tank has a solid oak base with storage and a solid oak cover. The cabinetry is a fine example of the art of the cabinet maker!

Pool & Atrium Foliage


Here is an executive home with pool and atrium area. We are experts in creating and maintaining human environments. We believe you should feel at least as good as your pets.


pentagonA rich-grained walnut base and hood show off this pentagonal corner tank. Notice the contrast between the dark wood and the bright shells and corals in the tank.


tank5Color, size & shape can be modified to ensure your tank fits well in its surroundings. Half cylinder acrylic aquarium. 70 gallon, 36 x 28 x 18.


greattankA really great tank can enhance any office, waiting area or even a corner of your home. Providing interest and focus. Custom acrylic triangular aquarium, 135 gallons, 72 x 30 x 48


pentPentagonal 120-gallon tank has a storage area below which holds custom filtration. Artificial walls within the tank provide an out-of-sight drain. 36 x 36 x 24.


tank6Waiting rooms are especially nice areas in which to place a well-designed tank. Standard 70-gallon aquarium, 40 x 20 x 18.


atankEven a small, well-designed tank can become the focal point of any room. 37-gallon tank, 30 x 13 x 23.

35-Gallon Custom

This custom tank is an unusual shape and appears to be set into the wall. Custom 35-gallon aquarium, 72 x 2 x 50.

Half Cylinder

bltankThis unusual shaped aquarium provides all-around observation. The custom cabinet hides the filtration and piping. Half cylinder, 72 x 20 x 30.

130-Gallon Reef Tank

baraquariumThis aquarium is installed in the wall behind a bar. The rich blue wall accents the tank, which is more entertaining than television! The design on the inside of the tank features live corals. 130-gallons.

144-Gallon Half Cylinder

144gallonA half-cylinder aquarium fits neatly against a wall and makes the room warm and inviting. 144-gallon cylinder, 5 feet tall


pillarA pillar aquarium becomes the focal point and addresses the problem of limited space. 90-gallon, 28 x 22 x 34.

Acrylic Aquarium with Storage

restaurant2Acrylic construction lends a sharp, clean look. All the necessary filtration equipment fits inside the stand.

Living Art

aquariumnice1Like an animated art form, this richly-designed aquarium makes this room warm and inviting. It is beautifully maintained and alive with colorful movement.


Marineland Sedona Series is distinctive, classic design in 100% wood construction with solid wood base and frames. Available in Natural and Red Oak.

Custom Aquarium Fits Doorway

restaurant1This aquarium was designed to fit in a doorway to block it off in a restaurant. It adds visual beauty while solving a problem of how to curb foot traffic.

92-Gallon Bow Tank


Custom powder gray acrylic bow 49 x 21 x 25, 92 gallons.


cherryThe cabinet and canopy of this interesting aquarium are constructed of rich, deep cherry wood. The 45 gallon tank holds a world of activity making this a delightful piece of living furniture.

92-Gallon Eurostyle

The simplistic design of this tank turns an otherwise dull corner into a world alive with color and motion. 48 x 34 x 24, 92-gallon Eurostyle all-glass and black lacquer.