sanibel_logo SPECIFICATIONS:
Ready to Assemble Hardwood Rattan.
Available exclusively in FruitWood finish.
30" X 12" Sanibel Stand
Fits all 20L 29 and 37T Gallon Aquariums
Assembled Dimensions:
321/4"L x I43/s'W x 301/4"H
Item # 64172
UPC # 04749764 J729
48" X 1 3" Sanibel Stand
Fits all 55 Gallon Aquariums
Assembled Dimensions:
501/4"L x 143/s'W x 30'/4"H
Item # 64192
UPC # 04749764 I 927
48" X 18" Sanibel Stand
Fits all 75 and 90 Gallon Aquariums
Assembled Dimensions:
501/4"L x 201/2'W x 30'/4"H
Item # 64222
UPC # 047497642221




Classic design and quality wood construction have made our custom aquarium stands the preferred choice for those in search of furnished distinction - for the home, office or showroom. Generous cabinet space, extra-large access doors, easy-open hinged utility panels... the impressive list of convenience amenities is surpassed only by a dramatic visual presence.

And now there's Sanibel, an exotically refreshing, delightfully rattan departure from your everyday aquarium stand, Designed to accommodate a wide range of aquarium sizes as well as all of today's modern filter configurations, Sanibel stands provide the discriminating hobbyist with the ultimate in high-end character and dependable functionality.. .with just that little something, well, extra.