1. Do not overfeed!
  2. Incandescent hoods are cheap, but a fluorescent bulb lasts much longer, gives off little heat and shows off fishes' true colors.
  3. Don't lift a full aquarium. It's too heavy; the glass will crack.
  4. Remove chlorine from water, unless you have unchlorinated well water.
  5. Use no soap; it's toxic to fish.
  6. Dark gravel will make your fish appear darker and brighter.
  7. Start with a few fish, no full loads.
  8. Float your bag of new fish in the tank 15 minutes to avoid temperature shock. Then mix water in gradually.
  9. If you have cloudy water the first week, wait 3 days and only feed what will be eaten completely in 1 minute.
  10. Maintain 1 tsp. kosher or aquarium salt per 5 gallons water.
  11. Always do a 20% partial water change before adding new fish.
  12. A rule of thumb is 1 in. of fish for every gallon of water.
  13. Only feed what is completely eaten in 3 minutes.
  14. Shells and coral are only for salt water aquariums.
  15. Have more than 1 female livebearer for each male.
  16. Have 3 or more of each schooling fish.
  1. No heaters for goldfish. For tropicals, figure 5 watts per gallon of water.
  2. Never have your heater plugged in unless it is properly immersed in water.
  3. Frequent small partial water changes are always better than large changes.
  4. Algae in your tank can be reduced by decreasing the light and feeding the fish less. Live aquarium plants can also compete for available nutrients; but do not add live plants when first starting an aquarium for about 6 weeks.
  5. As temperature increases, carrying capacity of your tank decreases. That's why we see more problems in the summer in heavily loaded tanks.
  6. Dilution is the solution to pollution. Do partial water changes. Make partial changes every week for the first month of your tank, and at least bimonthly afterwards. Remove 20% of the water using a gravel cleaner to remove detritus (waste) down in the gravel.
  7. If you must use medication, assume you have lost some of your good bacteria, and don't add a new fish for a week or two.
  8. Landscaping an aquarium with safe rocks and plants enhances the beauty of the aquarium.