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Smiley Fish in New LocationAquatic Interiors Seacave is a full-service aquarium supply and houseplant foliage outlet for the hobbiest, for home or office and commercial concerns (including seafood/lobster displays). We specialize in living furniture, tropical foliage, plant maintenance and sales, the state-of-the-art hardware for maintaining life of both salt and fresh water species from off-the-rack aquariums, custom-made aquatic environments to outdoor ponds. We offer maintenance, service, custom design and on-site expert advice.

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Real Reef
Now available at Aquatic Interiors - Seacave!

REAL REEF, a bio-active living rock - saving the world's reefs one piece at a time!

REAL REEF is a trademarked, patent pending American aqua-cultured bio-active living reef aquarium rock. REAL REEF is a 100% environmentally friendly Live Rock substitute. It is a clean, calcium carbonate rock iht great buffering ability, shape, color and everything else you like in a great live reef rock. There is no curing required.

REAL REEF doesn't have unwanted hitch hikers such as crabs, aiptasia, sponge, flatworms, bristleworms and other nasty creepy crawlies!  REAL REEF looks, feels and aquascapes like real live rock. Most Aquarists think it's better than the real thing!


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EcoSystem Aquarium - Simple Natural Solutions

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  • Aquarium Gallery Portfolio
  • Refinishing
  • Rental - A wide variety of Aquarium sizes and maintenance agreements are available from weekly to semi-annual programs
  • Leasing - Full wrap-around/flat rates available.
  • Sales - Full-line retailer of all materials for the aquarium hobby.
  • Service - Service agreements vary according to differences in customer needs and areas serviced.
  • Custom Design - If you can imagine it, we can build it!
  • We can match nearly any decor!
  • Turn-key systems
  • Services - Aquarium relocating and moving
  • EcoSystems 40
  • All-Glass Aquariums
  • Custom Acrylic Aquariums

Live Stock

Technical Equipment

  • Filtration - Basic to Custom and Remote Systems
  • Ultraviolet Clarifiers, UV Sterilizers
  • Chillers
  • Heaters
  • Medications
  • Lighting
    • Fluorescent
    • VHO
    • Metal Halide
  • CO2 Injection Systems
  • Ozone Generators
  • Power Compact Retrofit Lighting
  • EcoSystems 40

Lobsters & Shellfish

New Items

Tropical Foliage

  • Design
  • Catalog
  • Installation
  • Commercial Fountains

Water Gardens and Ponds

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